Life On Auto-Tune?

Auto-tune is the plastic surgery of the music world. It makes things pretty, but is it real? Have you been to a live concert of a big act only to find the live performance sounds very little like the album you downloaded? It becomes clear the artist nipped and tucked his or her own voice to be something it isn't. For good or ill, the artist deprives us of his or her true self. This creates an unsatisfying experience in the pursuit of perfection. God has his version of auto-tune.  It's called the human ear and rehearsal. 

What is it about our world that demands artificial perfection? Perfectionism is an iron fist of self-rejection that pounds the message into our subconscious minds that we, and those around us, will never be good enough.  The unreasonable drive for perfection in ourselves and others becomes the "Precious" and our authentic selves waste away and become covered or distorted by saline injections and identity manipulation. The itch to achieve perfectionism must be satisfied somehow. 

The entertainment industry satisfies the itch by providing artificially produced perfection in the magazine spreads, recordings and moving images of our icons of perfection created by auto-tune and Photoshop.  Then we are fascinated to discover (and the tabloids are anxious to deliver) the news that someone has an imperfect body! In fact they have cellulite!  We cue the viral Twitter and Facebook posts! There is a dent in an icon's armor...I mean thighs! 

Perfection is not about cellulite, or fame, or attention.  It's not about living life on artificial auto-tune where everything is seemingly perfect. It's about living in tune with God. This means doing our best to be true to ourselves, our beliefs, and loving ourselves enough to keep on rehearsing when we fall short of our potential. It is about loving others enough to allow them their own imperfections without pounding them with the iron fist of our disapproval.

I believe there is a transformation that I call a Renaissance of the Human Soul.  The perfectly imperfect are rising to the top.  Image is taking a backseat to imagination. Pretense has been replaced by personal connection.  We now seek to live true to our God-given gifts and talents rather than to the expectations of generations past.  Music and the arts reflect this Renaissance. Adele, John Mayer, Lorde, and others record tracks without heavy tuning affects. Lo and behold their live performances sound just like the recordings! They give us the benefit of their perfectly imperfect, naked voices without the digital injections of false perfection. 

They don't need to.  They rehearse.

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