Of Love, Rice Pudding, and Men

Who knew that rice pudding would make his eyes light up like that?  Texas, my husband, friend, companion and lover, has never expressed his love of rice pudding these seven years until just recently when I purchased some from the store.  His eyes lit up and he actually said, "Ooooo! I LOVE rice pudding!"  Love?  Love?!?  That's my favorite word!  I have a Love Radar!  When I hear that word I perk up and pay attention!  I am all about love, and yet this love line from Texas' heart to rice pudding has gone completely unnoticed by me until now.  Hiding this love of rice pudding was done in the name of love.  Texas loves me enough not to make culinary requests and add to my list of things to do.  We are somewhat traditional in our roles.  Cooking from scratch keeps us healthy, wealthy and wise, and other than the recording zone, cooking clears my head. Ironically, though he was trying not to complicate my life out of love, expressing his needs or desires for rice pudding would have simplified my life as I would know how to please him.  It is a simple dish and would be less difficult to make than many of the things I do...so, we are bringing rice pudding to the table of love, out of love, for love, and to feel loved.  It's all about love. Today I have rice and the love of good men on my mind.  There are so many good men in the world who put aside their "rice pudding" wishes out of love for their wives and lovers.  My fellow females, look for that "rice pudding" in your man's life and give it to him with joy.

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