The Drool Test

What you are about to learn is an unscientific yet strangely accurate test of love. I call it the drool test. You see, I rarely get sick or have to lay down to take a nap. As a woman on the move I often find it very annoying when people take naps. In His usual, humorous manner, God showed me how "normal" humans feel. He blessed me with wicked hayfever complete with burning eyes, scratchy throat, stuffy sinuses, body aches and chills. I felt the "ick" coming on at Taste of India (currently my favorite Indian restaurant), and I asked my hubby to take me home early from our date. Upon arriving home I crawled into bed and apparently commenced a fitful sleep complete with sitting up and mumbling and sobbing. Unbeknownst to me, my husband, Texas, sat near my bed and quietly worked on his laptop. Texas is not accustomed to his wife napping. He knew something was off.

Sometime later I awoke to Texas holding my hand and rubbing my arm to wake me up from what apparently was rather dramatic sobbing. My wet face was streaked with mascara. The drool rolled down my cheek to the pillow. I don't remember what the nightmare was about, but I awoke to a dream: true friendship and love. He comforted me without judgment. Not even the drool scared him off. I hope to never forget it.

Matthew 25:36 has a sentence in the passage that reads "I was sick and ye visited me."  This is a manifestation of Christlike love. This is the crux of the drool test question. Can we reach out to the sick and afflicted without judgment - even love and compassion? Can we reach out to others even if it's not convenient, on our agenda, or is what we perceive to be unimportant or unnecessary?

Tonight my husband passed the drool test with flying colors. I am humbled by it and hope to pass future drool tests with more spiritual finesse.

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