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On Loving An Older Man 

I held his face for a few seconds and looked into his calico eyes. He smiled. It was hard not to get lost in the rugged, hard-earned smile lines borne of 50+ years of experience. Age and experience are attractive. He is a beautiful man, I thought between kissing his cheek and scrunching his salt-and-pepper curls on the back of his head. Our foreheads touched and we sat there with our eyes closed just taking it in- the history, the ups, the downs, the friendship, the long, hard road that led to our…Read more

The Drool Test 

What you are about to learn is an unscientific yet strangely accurate test of love. I call it the drool test. You see, I rarely get sick or have to lay down to take a nap. As a woman on the move I often find it very annoying when people take naps. In His usual, humorous manner, God showed me how "normal" humans feel. He blessed me with wicked hayfever complete with burning eyes, scratchy throat, stuffy sinuses, body aches and chills. I felt the "ick" coming on at Taste of India (currently my favorite Indian…Read more

How To Get Married 3 Times By The Age of 32 Without Really Trying 

It takes being married three times by the age of 32 to cause one to have a little bit to say about love. I am often asked how I managed to marry three times in such a short amount of time. Never am I sure if I should be insulted, amused or annoyed by that question, but I usually find myself amused. My response sounds something like, "You got me. I don't know."  But I do. I just say that to fend off curious gossips who need something to talk about at Bunko night.  

Death and divorce have a tendency to raise…Read more

Of Love, Rice Pudding, and Men 

Who knew that rice pudding would make his eyes light up like that?  Texas, my husband, friend, companion and lover, has never expressed his love of rice pudding these seven years until just recently when I purchased some from the store.  His eyes lit up and he actually said, "Ooooo! I LOVE rice pudding!"  Love?  Love?!?  That's my favorite word!  I have a Love Radar!  When I hear that word I perk up and pay attention!  I am all about love, and yet this love line from Texas' heart to rice pudding has gone…Read more